Personal Narrative: Entering A New School

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Entering the third grade brought on new challenging obstacles that I had to face. It was a new beginning of school learning as I now had to take the standardized test and to start a whole new program I spent my entire second grade preparing for.
I was selected to be in the Gifted and Talented program at my district. This meant new kids from all over the district would be coming together and participating in the same class. At first I thought to myself that this was going to be a simple class just like all the ones at my school. I was already levels ahead of all the other students in my grade level so the program should be no different. I felt ready to enter the new school ready to start learning all the vast new things. However things that I had expected had taken a turn
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Doing high school level math for warm ups and doing homework that took ages too complete. I would tell myself that this was never going to end and I would be left behind. I had no idea that this is what it meant to be challenged and to be pushed beyond what was capable of my skill. I decided to step up and do something before I became at what was embarrassing to be which was to be dumb. I didn't want to become a disappointment to myself and to my family.
The work I did in GT was beyond our grade level, but I knew it could be completed if I dedicated myself to studying. I never was a great at any math I did in elementary school. So I would take my weekends and sit down and do many math problems to try and figure out a way to make it easier. The more I did it the better I did in my homework and in my tests. The whole math challenge just became a joke to me. As all the other children would struggle I conquered it and I would start doing even more. Every time I had a project or homework to do
I would ask for my dads help so it would become easy. The GT school went from being a place I resented to a place of just relaxation and learning. At
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