Personal Narrative: Entering My Junior Year Of High School

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“Nothing will work unless you do.” -Maya Angelou Entering my Junior year of high school I was forewarned about the most important and hardest year of my high school career, the year was looking more negative than positive from the advice given. Despite those comments I decided to enter with a positive mindset starting with my soccer season. I had been playing since I was 6, captain of my middle school team, injured my freshmen year, and was having one of the best seasons my Junior year for both my school team and out of school league. In the mist of one of my games I was unknowingly struck with a concussion but continued to play the game. Two months had gone by before I was able to fully return to school. Overwhelmed with all the material I had missed, I simply struggled in returning. Test, quizzes, and homework from various classes began to conquer my confidence in a successful year. I soon accepted the false thoughts that consumed my determination, I had given up on the year not even half way through it. My grades began to dropping, all the hard work I had put in, over my high school career, for the sake of my GPA didn 't matter to me anymore. This mindset I had effected me in more ways than just my school work, it also took its toll on my spirit as a person over all.…show more content…
After watching the video I had began evaluating myself and felt inspired to better myself physically and mentally. I wrote out a list of goals and posted it on my wall as a daily reminder. Upon those goals was getting my grades back up, over the months I was successful in doing so. Although I missed being apart of the National Honors Society by .2, I am proud of my accomplishments and the opportunity given to prove to not only others, but more importantly myself that I can put my mind to something and complete
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