Personal Narrative: Equality For All

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Since you said to write about a topic I could relate to the most, I am going to write about how my siblings and I struggle with undocumented parents to this day. Immigration is probably the most overlooked and ignored issue in the past years. Bernie Sanders in a speech onced said “We cannot and should not sweep up millions of men, women, and children – many of whom lived here for many years, contribute to our society, and are integrated into the fabric of American life – and throw them out of the country unjustly”. “Equality for all” is probably the most famous quote in American history yet equality is not distributed equally. I truly believe that everybody deserves to have a share in the “American Dream”. America is a melting pot and was…show more content…
My parents, especially my dad, struggled the the greatest as an undocumented worker. One of the biggest struggle my father had was being seperated from my grandmother and family member. Yes, I knew my dad struggled emotionally from this but it was not til last summer that I understood his pain. Growing up with four other siblings, family is a way to feel secure and safe. Talking to my grandmother last summer and seeing the pain she felt for being for not seeing her eldest son was tough. Ever since 1995, my father has not been able to see my grandmother. Certain little things we take for granted is what many others struggle on a daily base with. This is one of the many thing not only my father struggles with but also what millions other immigrants struggle with. He drives with fear everyday knowing that his fate could be similar to the hundreds of family separated . One of my closest friend father was deported back when we were in middle school. I knew she struggled not having her father in her life especially at a young age. Her trauma has left a fear inside of me. I do believe that there should be a reform to help many families take away this fear. I strongly believe that illegal immigrants should be given the same rights as a citizen especially after a certain amount of time in the United States. What I am going to say next might sound kinda hypocritical, but I do truly believe that the majority of illegal immigrants deserve to have a path towards citizenship with some exceptions. I believe that working hard leads to success and I firmly believe that those who have work hard to improve this country should be helped. When I say those who have work hard to improve this country I mean, those who contribute to United States by being a good and respectful citizen. Overall, immigrants come to improve their lives and become a part of a
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