Personal Narrative: Eric Marshall

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My teammates and I finally reached the Atlanta stadium, the head coach told us all the formations,plays,strategies,and who will be starting. When I heard "Eric Marshall will be one of the primary and starting receivers," I almost jumped in joy, because it had been a dream to play in the super bowl. As we walked into the stadium to practice, I could hear fans screaming, many of which were cheering for us. I felt as if we could not lose or we would let many, many people down. While Marcus and I were doing some practice plays, I felt great When our rivals, the Patriots came in, they looked as if they have been training for this moment for their lives. They did many drills and each of them either looked perfect or the closest to perfect. The…show more content…
The next was a rush to our running back, Devonta Freeman who rushed it for 7 yards. Again we rushed but Marcus Mariota was sacked before we could hand the ball of, and the ball was fumbles, and recovered by the Patriots. Unlike the last offensive drive the Patriot Scored and the PAT attempt was good. I had a nervous feeling in my stomach, because I knew that if we could not full of a win, then we would disappoint many fans. I also knew that if the Patriots continued to play like this, then this game would be "lights out." The opposing kicker, exploded with a kick that landed in the endzone, and our kick returner run up until the thirty-seven yard line. As we headed to the field we figured out which play we were going to use. As soon as I heard the word "Hike," I ran my route, running to the left then right, the player who was covered fell forward, and the passed lobbed straight to me. I sprinted to the endzone, not aware of anyone that was near me. At the one yard line, I felt a shove. Although I fell on the end zone, the corner-back landed on my arm, crushing it and pain surging through it. As I walked off the field, I showed it to a medical professional. After some examinations, he told me that I almost fractured my arm. Knowing that, I was the only other healthy primary receiver, I decided
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