Reflective Essay: I Hate Everyone In The World

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Finally, I escaped from suffocating world. I was walking on the street. The street was brightened with various colors and I hate those colors that glow from people. I hate every color that each person has.
Limpid rain was falling into the ground from the sky. The noises from the street become beeping sound and it passes through my ears. I think I have to open party again for them.
When I host a party, people run around and yells. I like those situation. I wants to give back to people what I’ve got from them.
I hate everything. Every sound, every person, and every worlds. It wasn’t my purpose to hate everything. I hate everyone in the world because their hatred me first even having a black (color) isn’t my fault, even my parent
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It was a marvelous experience. When a tremendous fire blaze and it pour out a deadly fire, the whole world is bathed in light. And I like how the fire respondent likes the nightfall. People in that fire might be happy like they are having a party on the street. It looks same with when everyone gathers together and singing on the street to celebrate the birth.

It was a rainy night. She was pellucid.

I was walking the street and tonight was rainy. The sky was deep black like me so I hate rainy night. I was keeping walking, looking at the front. I could hear how everyone on the street whispering about me and stared me. Various colors are brightened the street of the night sky and I was the only person who couldn’t glow. I hate this public gaze.

Accidentally, I bumped against ‘unknown thing’. I began to come to myself and realize that ‘unknown thing’ is a person.

“Excuse me!” unknown person shout to my face.
I looked at that person distinctly to remember. However, she was colorless and instinctively, I grabbed her arm.
“Do you,” I asked her, “need help?”
Her face was messed up with tears and rain. Her voice was tremulous and she wasn’t put up an
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