Scarlett's Mothers-Personal Narrative

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It was a cold, dreary night in the month of October in 2003. It was the night before
Scarlett’s mothers funeral, she had only been 3 years old. The only thing that made her happy was a stuffed monkey with a picture of her mom in the belly. Scarlett had grown up with her dad Frank in California, and as she hit 9 years old Carla had started coming around more.
Around 11 years old, Scarlett finally felt like she had a mother figure around, and the also moved down towards Tennessee as she grew to be older. Frank had always been an abusive, pathological liar. Frank had been to many psych wards throughout his daughters life. Scarlett wasn’t allowed any electronics or TV, her father had always been strict about them. Carla has always loved her, or
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After arguing and slamming doors, Frank finally gave Carla the okay to give Scarlett a cell phone. Scarlett was weeping on the staircase, asking god while tears are running down her face, “why..why did you take my mom from our family !?”. As soon as Scarlett wipes off the tears running down her face, Carla had turned the corner with her present. She regains happiness, her cheeks start to blush rosy red while a dimple starts to form on each side of her bright smile. Carla hands her the gift and Scarlett, filled with emotion, rips open the gift and starts to scream of joy. Scarlett’s heart felt eyes looking back and forth between Carla and her new phone. She jumps onto Carla screaming “thank you, thank you!”
Carla responded, “don’t thank me kiddo, you deserve this”. In this case, Scarlett did deserve it.

Scarlett has had her phone for a couple weeks now, and had noticed all of her friends had been using an app called “PocketPals” and app similar via Facebook that let allows you to communicate with friends and family all around the world for free. With it being a couple weeks, Scarlett is starting to get used to the components of a phone, and
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After all the research on her mother “Amanda JoHanson” they got mostly what they need. They found one specific address under some of Amanda’s most recent pictures uploaded, that read “305 Caution Dr. Los Angeles, CA, 90001”. Right away the girls book plane tickets for California, their soonest flight was May 9th and it was February 27th. Frank still has no idea, but their investigation started weeks ago. Carla has mentioned about taking Scarlett to her “school field trip” and that she is the parent chaperone, Frank didn’t question it much, just said “whatever, have fun”. Scarlett is about to find out if her father had made her whole life a lie, or if he was telling the complete truth. Around a week later, packet and ready, Carla and
Scarlett take off to the airport. Being terrified of planes, Scarlett had sucked up every bit of fear, in hopes that this would change her life for the better.

Scarlett and Carla arrive in California after a 4 hour flight. They had stopped at a service unit called “Rent-A-Car” to drive the rest of the way. They still have an hour drive and so many unanswered questions, with blood just boiling inside of Scarlett like a raging forest fire.
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