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"How serious is it mom?" “Cancer is very serious.” "Will papa die?" “...” I did not know how to react, a mini panic attack was occurring inside my head. Since I was thirteen, I did not know much about cancer. All I knew was that people could die from it. My dad, my hero, was now fighting for his life. I wondered how long my parents had hid this from me. Even though I had many questions, I only asked, "What did the doctors say and when will he come home?" My mom replied, "It will take him some time to recover." I could not feel my body, though I started to shiver. I started to cry while my mom held me tight. Summer was approaching fast and since my family emigrated from Pakistan, we did not have any relatives or close friends…show more content…
I had finally arrived. I was standing and waiting for my aunt to pick me up. Looking around, I could tell this was a very different environment. I hastily converted my neck scarf into the traditional hijab. My identity changed in seconds. Everyone was wearing cultural clothing, the climate was different and I knew I had to adjust. Looking out through the car window everything seemed peculiar. The environment was dusty and the streets were narrow. After reaching home, it felt like I was trapped in an imprisoned dark room. Though I was not excited about my living situation, I kept reminding myself exactly what I was here for; my…show more content…
Watching my father fall apart and not being able to do anything has changed my entire outlook toward life. Upon my return to America, I found myself acknowledging the diversity between us individuals. Starting from the differences of the people at the airport, to the drive home. I felt a new sense of felicity, now that I had experienced life in another country. I was always shy, had a low self-esteem, and easily gave up. Because of this experience, I have gained self-confidence, positivity, and motivation. I am more opened to trying new things and facing difficult challenges. Being put into this sheltered environment taught me one of the greatest lessons, which was to never give up. I learned to appreciate how ample my life is, unlike the deleterious little cells that took over my

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