Personal Narrative Essay: A Birthday Celebration To Remember

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A birthday celebration to remember Introduction: This is a birthday party specific for this age range of clients: kids at the age of 4 to 6 years old. Different age of birthday celebrations will be slightly different due to their demographic, physiological, and also geological influences. We will more focus on the what clients and the parents want in this case. The purpose of of having this young kids ' birthday party is not only celebrate their birthday, but also celebrating and looking forward to become an elementary school students. The goal of the birthday is to chill with friends last together. The object of high school birthday party is inviting a magician, cartoon movie, setting the photo boom, karaoke, and having a birthday cake. Client…show more content…
Her layers of décor in color, focal points, fabrics, furnishing, lighting. The wall will be pink in pink reflected to the theme of the party. We cannot do anything for the floor, so it will be wooden floor as usual. As our client like the color of pink, black, thus the color we are going to decorate are all based on these two colors. The entrance to the party, outside will set a big board written "Welcome to my 4 years old birthday party", and with some pink and black balloon beside the board (PartyCity). The dessert bar will be the focal points, because typically kids like to have sweet food. For the furnishing part, we will set two big tables aside; one is the refreshment food and dessert, another is for the last activity of cutting and having cake together. The reason we need to have two instead of one, since kids can still have some other refreshment after the cutting and eating cake activity, Furthermore, we will set some sofa for some kids if they read books or take a rest after active activities. Considering the lighting part, we will just use the natural light, since it is more healthy for the kids instead of having other decorative

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