Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At Blue Bayou

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Waking up bright and early on a hot summer day, I get ready for an exciting day at Blue Bayou. I do not realize at this moment that today, July 22, would be a day for me to remember. I put my bathing suit and clothes on and get in my car. I meet the other members from St. Dominic CYO at St. Dominic School. We load the bus and get on our way to Blue Bayou. There is blazing heat during the hour and a half bus ride. After a exhausting, humid bus ride, we finally arrive. We got off the bus and entered Blue Bayou. My friends and I put our bags down and went to start riding the rides. Riding the rides is exhilarating as we get wet and float around in the tubs. Around the park, there are sounds of laughter and smells of chlorine. We patiently wait in many long lines, but it is worth it. Due to the radiant heat of the sun, my friends and I become tired and hungry. We go back to our tables and buy our delicious lunch.…show more content…
I have a shocking text from my mom; my sister has had her first child! I am nervous yet overjoyed; I call my mom immediately and listen very carefully My sister has been having continuous troubles with her pregnancy. Throughout the summer, she has had to go in for an ultrasound every week. Today, which is such an astonishing day, both of my parents decide to go with sister to her ultrasound. After the ultrasound, the nurse told my sister that she must immediately go across the street to the hospital to have a caesarean section. My mom is in so much shock that when the doctor tells her to call my sister’s husband, Adam, she can not. Calmly, the doctor tells Adam that he needs to come to the hospital as soon as possible. As my parents try to comfort my sister, she is crying because she is scared and in so much awe. Once she calms down, she goes to the hospital to have her first baby girl seven weeks before her due
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