Personal Narrative Essay: A Day In Illinois

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It was a warm fall day in Illinois, my mom and dad thought it would be a good night for a date. My mom called up “Aunt” Janie at the farm and asked if it would be okay if we came there while they went. I sat at the counter listening to the phone ring and ring and finally she answered and said that it would be great if the clan would come out. We were all so excited because a day at the farm was the most exciting event that happened a lot of the time. We all hopped into the van with our jackets, rubber boots, and many other things that would help us be fit to get all dirty and have fun. Dad said “ Are yall buckled up and ready to groove?” That 's when our great adventure started. We all sat down to supper starving from a big day of fun. We all were loud and obnoxious, then Mark came in and said “Everyone settle down we need to pray.” All of us got very quiet while Mark said the prayer, after it was done Janey got up and handed the platter of freshly cooked hamburgers to us and said now pass it around. There was corn on the cob, cooked carrots, hamburger buns, and fresh strawberries picked right from the garden. It was an amazing supper and you could tell that it was right off the farm. After we were done we decided that dessert could wait for later and went out to do chores and explore. We always had great fun exploring and this time…show more content…
Of course the smell didn 't bother me in the least bit and I fit right in chucking manure at them all. We started galloping, if you want to call it that, to the other side of the pit and me being the smallest of them all had a very hard time keeping the pace up and not falling at the same time. They sure didn 't worry about me though, they had their own business to take care of and not worry about
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