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Manhunt I ran up the large hill at the back of my old school, nearly out of breath. A trickle of sweat ran down my face, which felt like it was on fire. My friend Garrett came right behind me, also out of breath. It was the middle of July and we were both playing a huge game of manhunt during a camp sleepover. We were both cleaver yet not the smartest 14 year old boys at the time, but we knew how to survive a game of manhunt. “ think...they saw us?” Garrett said, trying to catch his breath. “They couldn’t have,” I replied while turning to look at him, “They’re probably still in the cafeteria counting to fifty.” We both turned towards the large grassy area that consisted of a soccer field and swimming pool surrounded by a large black fence. My eyes instantly adjusted to the darkness as…show more content…
I was a bit dizzy and I looked at my hands to see blood. I had scraped my right knee terribly, I didn’t bother to take care of it. I looked over to see Garrett face down on the ground. He must have been really dizzy due to him stumbling while trying to get up. I got up and quickly grabbed Garrett by the arm as we hurried to the nearest door that led to the assembly room where our sleeping bags were. With a loud, “bang!” we opened the door so fast that it almost fell off its hinges and ran all the way down the steps that led towards the room. All of the kids and counselors were huddled in a circle deciding how they were going to go find us. They all turned around and dropped sighs of relief when they saw us. The female counselors came over to hug us, while the male counselors quickly grabbed bandages for my scraped knee. The head counselor was at the sleepover as well, and he quickly ran over to us, holding his cell phone tightly in his hand. “Where did you guys go?!” he exclaimed, “I almost had to call the police! We have been looking for you for two hours.You need to tell us everything right

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