Personal Narrative Essay: A Journey To The Beach

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The crashing of the waves thumped the boat on all sides like an oceanic drum leading to death as we made our way to the beach. The constant buzzing of the motor with the slamming of the waves made the journey seem like eternity. There would be nothing that could prepare us for what happens next.

People stuffed their last meal into their mouths as the boat pitched and rolled like a frantic child thrashing about in the waters of the choppy and wallowing sea. Comrades bumped into one another, I was being pressed from all angles. Waves of warmth coursed through my veins, cold sweat glistened in my skin. My eyes sunk as my skin swallowed, everything spun, everything sunk. Nausea began to strengthen as foamy bile spurred out from the back of my
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Fresh sand under his fingernails and his chest that does not rise nor fall catch my attention. Skin and clothes peeled away from his bones, exposing his soaking bare organs. His flesh protruded out of his body, gripping onto his bare skeleton while his eyes stare into infinity as his blood began to puddle. I thought people died with their eyes closed.

Moving up the beach, towards the barnacle infested sea wall. Acid collected in my muscles as I ran out of breath. Ash and smoke are inhaled into my system as I struggle to catch another breath. My lungs begin to dry, each breath was like breathing in fire, choking me as I wheeze to catch my next one. Echos of screaming and explosions reverberate through the air, bouncing up and down the beach and in my head.

Men are mown down like grass, forcing us to cover behind a hill of corpses. I provide cover fire from behind as men towards the tower like ants scrambling out an ant hill after being stepped on. Explosives were placed as we cleared the seawall, “fire in the hole!” is screamed as a loud thump is heard throughout the beach, breaking through the enemy’s first line of defence. “We’re in business, defilade!” yells a comrade as sand and debris are lifted into the atmosphere and begin to rain over my helmet like a collapsing
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