Personal Narrative Essay: A Late Night Trip To The ER

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About 4 to 5 years ago, I made a late night trip to the ER. It was an unexpected event that occurred. About a day before I was in Herrin staying at my cousin’s house. I got sick that morning, then went swimming later and I felt cramped in my stomach, ignoring the fact that I figured it was just my menstrual cycle. The next day I’m preparing to leave for my mom to pick me up. I realized this severe pain shooting down my spine, I steadily took ibuprofen and other over the counter medicines hoping it would slowly go away over time. It didn’t seem at the time that it was something unusual or out of the ordinary. Finally, my mom picked me up we went and grabbed something to eat, then headed on our 30 minute trip home. I sat in the middle of the…show more content…
On the bright side, I awoke up to smiling faces and having my loved ones gathering around me. Despite all that pain I was in the hospital workers and my family made it just like home to me. As I previously said I was in the hospital for a week due to physical therapy daily and draining the toxic fluids from my body to make sure it wouldn’t affect my health in the near future. Also, I had a very hard time getting up on my own and walking. It was a struggle to even use the bathroom by myself. In addition to the aftermath of the surgery, I had a tube running into my stomach draining fluids, and a tube inserted in where they removed my appendix. Every day they would bring me my 3 meals throughout the day, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat for several days. Along with not being able to eat, I was required to not drink any type of fluids for my stay there, resulting in just getting my mouth swabbed daily to prevent dehydration. Next, they started taking blood every morning and getting me up for physical therapy to get my body used to walking again. It felt as if I was paralyzed. Throughout my stay there, my mom stayed by my side the whole time and helped out in any way
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