The Orphan In England: A Short Story

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A lonely orphan in England, Crawling on legs too weary to stand. I gaze into my blemished hand, No destiny written on it could I understand. I pass by a rundown shop with a sweet scent, I find my heart too starved to resent. I stagger over to see what was there, I see a baker cradling his pastry with care. I knew I shouldn’t be standing without explanation, But I was too absentminded to give it contemplation. The baker swiftly rushed to the window proudly, And ordered me away with his hand unmercifully. Once again, I strode through the streets alone, Facing everyone with a heart configured of stone. I finally decided to take my seat upon a filthy crate, And sob until my imprisoned sorrows would abate. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew a paper at my feet,…show more content…
She beckoned to me gently to step up, I hid all my flooding dreams with a reluctant sup, And faced reality before me, wary not to let anyone down, As I presented before the queen her precious crown. As soon as my auburn hair glinted in the sunlight, The queen’s eyes widened as she directed her sight, Pierciengly into my dark eyes in a mystical gaze, I felt my mind flash fearfully with a paralyzing blaze. “What is your name?” she whispered in my ear, “Katrina Stanton,” I answered meekly, hoping her to hear, Then she caught sight of my locket and held it up high, Her eyes glimmered so passionately as if on the brink to cry. “Darling, do you know what this lovely thing is? Do you?” I did not know what point she was trying to pass through, But I humbly answered, “This? This used to belong to my mother.” “I remember that day, when upon the valley, death rang for my brother.” I gasped in sheer surprise and shock, As every minute became an hour on the clock, And my panting breath intensified, With bursting happiness, I nearly cried. “Your mother was my sister-in-law and your father was my brother!” My entire body must have trembled because she took me under

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