Bad Short Stories

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It is an unusually cold morning in February. My alarm clock goes off around 6:00 AM. I lay there for a moment, dreading the long day ahead. As soon as I build up enough will, I drag myself out of bed and hop in the shower. The hot water feels wonderful since it is about 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Unwillingly, I get out and put on my plain maroon T-Shirt, ripped blue jeans, and black converse. After I brush my hair and put on a small amount of makeup, I grab my keys and head out the door at about 6:30 AM. As I am driving, I notice that the roads are strangely barren and empty. I brush it off and blame it on the gloomy and miserable conditions outside. I finally arrive at school and pull into my parking spot. I gather my things and begin…show more content…
I call to them hoping they can answer my questions. To my horror, the so-called “person” looks horrific. Their face has rotten flesh hanging, their eyes are fogged over, and they can not form words, they can only moan. I gasp with fear and take off running towards the cafeteria. I burst through the doors at full speed, fear and adrenaline coursing through my veins. I make my way towards the kitchen praying I will find an actual person that can explain to me what is going on. However, when I reach the kitchen, I am greatly disappointed to see an empty room. I look around for a moment to see if anyone is around. Then, when I realize there is not a single living human here, I bolt out of the kitchen, through the side cafeteria doors, and into the large commons area. Once again, no one is…show more content…
I cannot help but wonder why they have such large guns. I reach the front entrance of the building, where a man approaches me and offers to go park my car for me. I accept his offer, hand him my keys, and head inside. There is a line of about 30 people collecting their supplies and room keys. I get in line and wait for around 10 minutes. It is finally my turn. The smiley woman hands me a backpack that is fairly heavy and says, “Your room number is 365 on the third floor. Please use your supplies wisely. Dinner is at 6 o’clock in the Magnolia Ballroom. Please let us know if you need anything.” She seems very calm under the circumstances. I make my way towards the elevators and head up to my room. I slide my key into the card slot and see the green light appear. I open the door to see a clean room with one queen sized bed, a quaint bathroom, a television, a miniature refrigerator, and another door out onto a balcony. My first thought is to see if the television works and to see if there is a news channel that can explain what is happening. I find the remote on the bedside table. I start clicking through the different channels and finally find the Fox News channel. What I see is horrifying. I see hundreds of people running from these creatures that are very human-like. The reporter on the television says, “The disease is spreading. We do not know where it originated. We do know the disease is spread through a bite from

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