Personal Narrative: My Day Of School

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The sun shone brightly through the bus windows as me and my classmates approached our school. We were about to leave the sunlight and enter the building we spend 40 hours in every week, one with few windows and almost no real food. As the bus pulled to a stop, we started exiting the bus, barely chatting on how it was impossible for it to be this cold while the sun was still shining. Welcome to Texas. As we walked into the building, we split up and went our separate ways. Time for another day of school. I entered my class and was greeted by the chilly air and the constant noise of voices. You really never can escape from those two things. I mean, I’m still cold under five blankets, and almost always I can hear someone talking. Moving on.

As our teacher continued to drone on about how to draw a face similar to real life. I started to think more than I drew. I wondered what I was doing in this class, and why I didn’t take some technology class or something. As my mind wandered, my eyes did too, I scanned the classroom, looking for something to catch my attention.
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Once I had spotted that first camera. I kept noticing them all day. I couldn’t concentrate on any assignments. Today was a hard day of school. After it finally finished I raced home. I started to process all of the information that had been hurled at me. Questions loomed in my head as I started to attempt my mountains of homework. Even though I couldn't focus on anything but the cameras. But, school must go on, so first, I got prepared to face the homework beast. I took a small snack of cookies, cake, leftover waffle(s), cereal, muffin(s), and a glass of milk. After my tiny snack break, I started sharpening my pencils. After all 25 pencils were sharpened. I retrieved scratch paper, my laptop, my textbooks, my notebooks, my planner, and my whole backpack. After getting all of that up the stairs into my room. I was ready to face my pile of homework. Right after a small
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