Personal Narrative Essay: A Night At Power

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A Night At Power Finess 2Tymes Have you ever been in a frightening situation with a gun going off in the building well I have. It was one night at the club well let me start from the beginning it was a good day at work I just got my bonus check and after I got off I went to the mall to get me a outfit for the night. I was talking all over social media about the concert that was going down at the club and it was going to be live and a event of the year and they didn’t want to miss out on it. After That I went home and made sure all my camera gear was charged and ready to go I had to go buy some new rechargeable batteries for my speed light from best buy they were like $40.00 hurt my feelings spending that much on some batteries after I…show more content…
Once I got in the club my first stop is the bar and order me some chicken and fries and some apple crown and coke and got me a little tipsy and in a good mood I was ready to start capturing every moment. I love my job I get be around beautiful girls and positive vibes. The night goes on and everyone is having a good time dancing drinking and enjoying the performances everyone is waiting on the main performance. As time goes on it reaches 2:00 he didn't show up to word he had not made it in town yet everyone was getting upset and tired of seeing the local artist so we had to find a way to stall them for like 20 minutes later. My Friends that were promoting the party had the crowd so live and turnt up before he came in cameras was rolling I got everything every moment. He came in at 2:30 the club security was trying to pat everyone down before they came in the door but he had a fake police officer with him he had a old badge for LRPD from five years ago so pretty much everyone who came in the back door with the rapper got in with anything and everything the night was still going
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