Personal Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience In My Life

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It was the summer ,and my Parents and sister when out shopping.This happen only a couple weeks ago.I 'm still scared to sleep alown even if im 16. They left me behind because i had been sleeping.I woke to thumping on my bed room door I yelled to see if was a parents but i got no answer.I open the door and no one was there so it was probly the wind from my window.I went down stars and floped on the couch.I sat and wached the tv for about ten mines till it tured to static.I thout it was just the rain efeting it.I whent up to my room to get on the computer I look at the window it was closed i thout it was open i never tuched it.I look out side to see no clouds nor win blowing to day and the tv only goes out when it storms.I became paranoid and jumped at every nois i herd. I felt like i was being wached. i went to sleep for awile because my parents where going to be gon with my sister all day. i woke agine i look out see it ha become dark it was nine o clock my parent had to be home by now. I rushed down stars to find a completely dark house no lights no people just dark ness. i look for the remot to the TV.I found it an turned it on i was to static i felt frighted alon in this house.I tured all the ligth in the own stars living room aria on i when to the phone to call my nabers but the hoe had not ben working ether i became worried at the tout of what coul of happend.I wonder arou the house look at wiser to see if they had be cut or brock nothing.I look aroun my room to

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