Personal Narrative: Homicide Or Survivor?

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Next thing I knew the guy wasn’t breathing and all I could see was blood. You passed out right in a big puddle of his blood man, and then the sirens started in our direction. That’s when I woke you up and we got the heck outta there.” Samuel could tell that I was distraught and said something about camping out and laying low for a while.
Samuel led us out of the field and into the woods. Almost instantly Samuel has a place for us to stay in for a while. It is a strange hidden canopy in the woods. That I couldn’t tell was in front of my until I was inside the layers of dark green leaves and vines as thick as rope. Samuel told me to try and get some rest because we were going to have to walk a lot once night fell. Samuel goes to the back corner
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Seeing that I am covered in blood he puts cuffs on me before he allows me to explain anything. I begin to confess and tell him everything that Samuel told me I had done when he stops me. He speaks in a deep voice, but offers some encouragement, “I am Sheriff Warner and I would like you to discuss this matter with Officer Jones. He is the lead detective of a homicide investigation I believe you are a survivor of.” Homicide? Survivor? What is this man talking about? My mind is incapable of processing what I was just told, because of all the chaos I have been faced with in such a short amount of time. We pull into the station and I am uncuffed before entering.
The police take me through a cold dark hallway with many doors and into a back room where they sit me down and give me some much needed Tylenol and a bottle of lukewarm water. One man looks at me “Hello Jack I am Officer Kent Jones of the Novi Police department in Michigan. I am going to need you to take a deep breath and listen to me very closely… the man you claim to have been with the last thirty-two hours is a wanted fugitive for numerous crimes. You are one of four victim that has ever escape him.” Shaking I attempt to open my water and I foolishly spill it all over the cold metal table and the tiled

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