Personal Narrative Essay: A Secret Swimming Story

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Not long ago, I read a news on the internet. One summertime, two children played nearby a river, while divers were recovering a sunken automobile. Suddenly, the first child pushed the other one, who could not swim, into the river as a prank. Fortunately, one of the divers saved the drowned. Yet, even after the divers left, the children were still goofing by the river. Again, the first child shoved the second one into the river. Realizing that his friend was desperately struggling and nearly dying in the water, the first child dashed to find help. Unfortunately, before help arrived, the second child had already drowned. When I told my dad this preventable tragic anecdote, he told me his old secret swimming story, which was almost another tragedy. Furthermore, he reminded me to keep away from the water if the environment is perilous or the lifeguards do not watch. This secret story happened when my dad was in college, living in a dormitory. One summer, he camped together with his roommates and some classmates besides a creek for two days and a night. After setting up the tents and before cooking dinner, the campers wanted to shop for aliments in a nearby village. However, one classmate wanted to swim and asked my dad to accompany him. So both he and my dad stayed, while the rest of the campers went to the village. While my dad was changing into his swimwear, his classmate had already swam away from the bank. Swimming the backstroke, he raised and waved his right hand widely

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