Personal Narrative Essay: A Short Story

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I rushed around my office grabbing my jacket and belt, like a caterpillar I wiggled into my coat and ran out the door. All the rest of the cops were running to there squad cars as well. Next I slid into the drivers seat and jammed the key into the ignition and turned the car on a turn the sirens on and sped to down town Star City. When we arrived at the crime scene it was chaos, buildings were on fire, cars were pilled up and people were screaming. All around me were men in all black body armor with some kind of weapon. I pulled out my pistol and dodged behind a trash can, I fired multiple shots at the soldiers. The bullets did absolutely nothing, all it did was gain the attention of more of them. One of the men aimed his gun at me and fired, I scrunched into a small ball behind the trash can. Instead of a bullet bouncing of a strong blast of energy hit the can and it exploded.
I was thrown about four feet back and hit the cement. The world became quiet, next I slowly pulled my body off the ground and clutched the back of my head, I could feel some of the blood,, the solider aimed and was ready to fire, and then out of no where Flash hockey checked him into
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"Having a bit of trouble," he answered as he shot an arrow into an on coming solider." We don 't have any more reinforcements left." Oliver hollered.
"You do now." "Ray is that you." Oliver asked. The Atom flew into battle followed by Hawkgirl, Firestorm, the White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Rip Hunter and Supergirl. The crowd cheered.
The next day it was back to normal, drug bust and robberies. We were still investigating who the men all black were but we would find them. I set back down at my desk and started filling out reports, and then I noticed something. A small piece of paper was tapped to my computer screen. It read this isn 't over, you past my test with flying colors and now I will step into phase two of my plan. Then there was an explosion out

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