Personal Narrative Essay: A Summer Holiday With Love

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A Summer Holiday With Love
In earlier articles, we mentioned some summer holiday activities that mothers can choose for their children; such as staying at home and joining summer camps or education centers. (You can find some useful articles related to this topic here.)
Today, we will discuss certain tips that mothers need in order to be in control … Moreover; we will talk about how to invest the summer holiday in a way that leaves behind, for our children, fond memories of a pleasant holiday with family and friends. What do mothers need to do to organize their ideas? How can we make use of this valuable time to engrave together long lasting memories of their child hood… memories that they can carry along… in their hearts???
As a mother, I asked myself: how can I make use of the summer holiday? …How can I plant beautiful memories in the hearts of my two girls? ... How can I turn this valuable time into a chance, for them and for me, to learn and to have fun?
First and foremost, we must renew our intention, because Prophet Mohammed said “Verily, deeds are only with intentions. Verily, every person will have only what they intended.”… I will intend to see comfort, smiles and happiness in the eyes of my children… I will intend to see their faces cheerful and beaming for the rest of the holiday… I will not say it is too late to do that, but I will enjoy what is left of it with my children away from the pressure of schools, homework and tests…
And so I will get out of bed every

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