Personal Narrative Essay: A Thousand Years Revenge

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A Thousand Years Revenge My name was Audrey, but now I can be anybody. I have been here for more than a thousand years. Now you might ask me, why I can live for so long time. Of course, the reason is that I am not a human being. I mean, once I was human, but not anymore. I lived as a ghost for more than a thousand years, just for revenge. The story about why I want to revenge can be traced back to more than a thousand years ago, when I was still a human. A man called Hank had ruined my whole life. When we were young, Hank, my brother and I were friends. We went out together, we went to school together and we shared great times together. I thought that we three can keep the relationship forever. However, it was just my daydream. With the loss of the time, my dream vanished like soap bubbles. The monarch at that generation was terrible.…show more content…
After he found in vain, the silly devil’s face looked hideous. The hideous look probably showed angry. But I am definitely more indignant than him. A thousand year ago, my wonderful dream of a perfect future vanished like soap bubbles. Now the wonderful plan which I’ve planned for more than a thousand year and almost succeed, has been ripped into ashes. I followed him after he flew in the sky. I had another revenge. My previous one hadn’t succeeded and now I would like to complete my two revenges one by one. During the flying, the devil once turned his head. He probably noticed me. So I attacked him with no hesitate. I had my own way of attacking. Devils usually use magic or just rip somebody’s throat out by hands. Instead of attacking so rude, I attached on people. And this didn’t mean that I couldn’t attach on a devil. I started attacking his soul. And his soul was very hard to attack unlike Hawk’s soul. I thought he was probably a high-level devil. His hands were around his head as soon as I started to attack him and he started to scream. His lip was moving, he was muttering something, probably spell. A spell to

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