Descriptive Essay On Anglesea Street Crash

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A dark storm descended upon the city like a group of moths to a flame. A quaint restaurant sat beneath it all on the corner of Anglesea Street. A proud woman triumphantly wiped down the last table in the dim light of the small ceiling lamps. Her days had been long up until now, as she had to work night and day for the past month. Now, she had finally raised the amount of money needed for a trip to America, a fresh start, to be exact. The next day, she would be on a boat, sailing to America as she would party, flirt, and act her way to get roles and make it big as an actress. She could almost see it now: herself walking down the red carpet as handsome celebrities vied for her hand and the paparazzi took dozens of photos of her. That would happen later; it was time to get back to reality and finish the day with a bang. She let out a large sigh, but quickly…show more content…
In an act that would have humiliated her just the night before, she grabbed a sharp piece of scrap next to her and cut a large piece of the skirt off. As the blue cloth floated away, she surprisingly felt no remorse. She began to lay down again when she heard a soft grunt near her. She sat up and looked into the water to see a beautiful seal with familiar eyes floating in the water. Her mind took a while to process what was happening. A seal, right in front of her, in the Atlantic Ocean? The seal appeared to have read her thoughts because its eyes seemed to smile as it saw the pathetic-looking actress lay on the debris. She tried again to lay down but another grunt was heard as the seal climbed onto the debris next to her. The seal laid down next to her, and she soon realized it was a lifeless skin of a selkie, a figure from mythology. Her logic told her that those stories were untrue, but here, in front of her, one was sitting next to her without its seal skin. She was brought back to reality when the selkie spoke to
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