Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Lake Clark

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I stepped off of the minuscule plane at about 6:00 pm, and I quickly waited in the frigid cold for my bags to be unloaded. I'd been begging my mom for a trip to Lake Clark in Port Alsworth, Alaska ever since 4 years ago when she told me the story how she read about the parks establishment on December 2nd, 1980 when she was only 10 years old. She told me about the history of the Athabascan people who had made Lake Clark their home so many years ago. My mother also told me about the icy flowing waters and the diverse group of animals who make Lake Clark their home. I've been looking forward to coming to this beauty for the past 3 months ever since my mom had finally agreed to let me go. Although she didn't want me to go alone no one else would go with me so she bought me one round trip ticket to a small Alaskan town, with a connecting flight to Lake Clark. I thought that my high expectations may be lowered as soon as I got there, but I was wrong. I could only see some of the 4 million acre park and the little that I could see had already taken me aback with it's beauty. I could see the Sitka Spruce and hoped…show more content…
Even though last night was rough I was sad when I realized that today would be my last day here. I soon realized that I wouldn't have any time to go biking, boating, or hunting but the thought of coming back one day took that grief away. I wanted to make my last day memorable so I said goodbye to Bonnie, Tom, and Charlie and I was off. While starting my hike I realized how lucky I was to be one of only ~11,000 people that visit every year. I decided that after my hike I would end my expedition by going to Silver Salmon creek in hopes of seeing some Bristol bay salmon. While traveling to Salmon creek I saw some caribou off in the distance. After I sat in awe of the beauty of salmon creek I made my way back to the small airport. I felt disheartened leaving Lake
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