Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Lake Michigan

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A Trip to Lake Michigan
This year my family and some friends decided to do something different than our traditional beach vacation. We didn’t want to make the long trip down to Florida to go to the beach for a few days and then have to make the 2-day journey home. So what did we do? We decided to try out the northern beaches of the United States. Moratorium week, just after the fourth of July holiday, was really the only time that the families could get away without having a basketball practice, cross country practice, a baseball game, or worry about work calling. We did just about everything you could do on a vacation from going to the beach to getting eye level with a 250-pound black bear. Michigan City turned out to be as much fun as Florida.
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Now this place was not your average go and sit down and eat kinda place. This was a five-star place that had a view of the beach and the pier, and the food was to die for. The best part of that night though was when an announcement came over the intercom and said that in 5 minutes we would see the greatest firework show north of the Ohio River. My goodness, I have never been more impressed by the amount of light that was shot up into the moonlit muggy air. That was a night I will never forget, sitting on the patio with family and friends while celebrating our Independence Day.
There was one day that we decided to not stay at the beach all day. Everyone was ready to do something different. The adults wanted to cruise the town in search of another great restaurant to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, but not us kids. Right across the road from the beach, there was a zoo! This zoo had everything from an armadillo to a South African lion! Now, I had never been so up close and personal with a lion, a bear, and an angry peacock. The only thing that separated me from those wild animals was a little chain link fence. We definitely got our money’s worth that
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