Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Sunshine State

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It was a bright day during the month of June in the Sunshine State, Florida. My girlfriend Alex, her best friend Olivia, and her cousin David wanted to go to a waterpark. I grew up in San Francisco, a place much colder than Florida. As such, I never got the chance to go to one, so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on in. I was on a trip to visit my girlfriend that I was in a long distance relationship with at the time. I planned on having a stress free vacation with the person that I was attached to, but instead it turned into a journey filled with stress and chaos.
I woke up with no plans to the sound of my girlfriend talking to her cousin on Friday. She came into the room I was sleeping in and smiled. I knew I was in for a surprise. She told me that she had something planned and we quickly left the two story single family home and hopped into a black matte
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I was freaking out on the inside, but outside I made sure to act as if everything was normal. He told me that either way he was going to call security but that I could go find my parents. I immediately went to my girlfriend and told her that we needed to leave. This entire time, she was enjoying the sun and did not know anything that was going on.
Confused, she asked, “Alex you need to tell me what the hell is going on!”
“I will explain later, get your stuff ready as fast as you can and I will tell you when we are in the car.”
As they were getting ready, I saw a security guard go to the exit with what looked like an ID in his hand in the corner of my eye. Instead of walking out I told them that we needed to move. As we walked to a gift shop, I stopped to the sound of what seemed like three officers yelling stop. I turned around and my worst nightmare was standing right in front of me. They looked at the ID then turned to me and asked me if it was mine. It was obvious that it was so responded I
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