Narrative Essay On Rainy Day

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I leave my House on that rainy day of September to go down to the park to meet up with Chase. The sky’s are dark grey and the air is cold and stale burning my nostrils from the rigid cold weather. I run down the Street to get to the park quicker to warm myself and dry off under the old wooden Shelter. But my plans abruptly stopped at that moment.
A small car slipped and rammed into my body crushing my arm and shoulder.I screamed from the pain.That’s when everything turned around.Ambulance sirens wail in the distance,then it goes dark.
I wake up in a sweaty yet overly clean bed. I look around and Chase is sitting peacefully in the corner asleep. I take a deep breath and my arm Burns .I scream from the terrible pain,Until A Nurse rushed in and medicated me to the point I pass out. I think to myself where I am and when I will
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Why chase we did absolutely nothing wrong!” i yelled crying “ mia dear you do remember what happened last summer don't you. With your mother how u left her to be with your sister. U abandoned and disrespected your family the people that care about the most! i watched you and every person i've cut into. Be good to them or i'll be knocking at your door like the reaper taking your life.” he said Just as he finished speaking i felt a hard hit against my head everything became fuzzy and dark i hit the floor staring into my lovers eyes. I feel like everything is a dream that nothing is real at all but I wake up in the same room I woke up last time. I’m going to exscape today I have to. I say to myself. I wait for the nurse to give me my sedditive when I ask “ do u think I can go to the bathroom I really have to go and believe me u don’t want me to get kidney stones.” I say “Fine” she untied me and thrashed the sheets off my cold body “ follow me” she yelled walking out of the room leading me down past the tub room I get lead to a large bathroom. “Four minutes then your done” she

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