Essay On A Memorable Day

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This week is going to be so much fun I thought to myself. Weeks had passed since my parents had said we would go to the beach and then finally today was the day. I felt so excited and thrilled for this upcoming event. Everyone was getting ready, going crazy, running up the stairs, taking stuff to the car, getting drinks, and using the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms before we left. Also, to get our toothbrushes, towels, lotion, shampoo, and toothpaste. Getting bathing suits, floaties for the babies, sunscreen, and snorkeling gear.
When we were all ready my parents gave my siblings and I another surprising announcement. They told us we could call a friend we would like to invite to come with us. I was so happy they would let us take a friend. I asked if I could bring along two friends. They seemed a little concerned but said yes.
I quickly got my phone out of my pocket and I called my best friend who said yes. Then, I called another friend and he also said yes.
We went to pick up my sister’s and brother’s friends first, then we drove to my friend’s house. She was waiting outside and there beside her was my other friend who was coming along. I waved hi to them and opened the door so they could get their luggage in. It was already past midnight when we got to Miami. Even though it was really dark we
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It made me feel sad that we couldn’t stay any longer but it was amazing to have experienced all the fun with my favorite friends and family all together. The ride back was noisy with all the funny things that had happened to us and all the things we were taking back home as memories of our week. It took us longer to get home because there was a lot of traffic, but we made it. Everyone was asleep and once in a while my dad would make my mom drive because he was tired. Having spent my week close to the beach was something phenomenal, mostly if it’s with special
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