Personal Narrative: My Waterboarding Trip To The Beach

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I will never forget the time When I was at camp this summer I went on the waterboarding trip to lake joe, cassidy. We drove for two hours to go to the lake we were halfway to the lake, and get out of the van everyone thought that the car was going to catch on fire but before we returned to the van, we had to wait a for about 30 minutes. We all went back in the van which still smelled terrible. After a while which felt like forever the smell finally went a way. We made it to the boat ramp but we could not get out yet. The counselors had to get out and unhook the boat and get everything ready. When we jump out and stretched our legs and brought everything out for lunch then went under a tree. The counselors went to go launch the boat we…show more content…
When we stepped on the boat we needed to put our shoes in a compartment under the seat. But acorse everyone ran to the front of the boat then we had to take turns at the front. We went to the other side of the lake and went to some cliffs. Thay side we were going to jump off the cliffs and pointed at a cliff that was 100 ft high but thay ware jocking. There were some clife that ware 25 to 35 feet that we jumped off. We jumped off the boat and swam the the edge of the rock. I made it to the rock first and started to climb it but then i realized that there was a little trail. I climb to the top and thru my pfd off into the water for if we jumped with it on when we hit the water it would shock us but there was a counselor's that was also a lifeguard at the bottom I jumped first off the high cliff. All I heard was 5-4-3-2-1 JUMP!!! So I jumped but the thing about the high cliff was that you had to jump over a tree. I jump out super far I cleared the tree and I think I was in the air for a long time. When I hit the water my feet and arm ware singling because of how hard I hit the water. I jump a few more time then we went
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