Personal Narrative Essay About Coming To America

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Coming To America Moving from my village in Nairobi, Kenya seemed like a very distant and unimaginable situation which I gave no thought to at that moment in time. However, that soon changed when the news of our departure to a new country came to our doorsteps. My family and relatives were happy for us and as they gave their farewells but I felt longing to stay and not leave a place where I called home for so many years. We packed our stuff and headed to a nearby airport station where our journey would soon begin. We were gathered and waiting to enter the plane with other families like us who seemed to be headed to the same destination. I couldn’t help but laugh when looking at the plane thinking that it had no way of taking us to our destined point. I soon came to be wrong when it lifted off and began to fly above the clouds while the country become more distant with each blink of an eye. I soon remembered a past memory of a time where I flew a kite as reaching and soaring to new heights while searching for new places to discover like the plane that was searching for our next stop where we would soon live. Everyone on…show more content…
The houses were more spacious and open compared to the village I left in Kenya which were protected and openly compact. I wanted to explore more areas and learn the reason for the structure’s use. At times we would drive over to the city and visit some relatives who lived near the area. I was amazed at the sky scrapers which were surrounding the area and wondered of the views I would see if I were at the top of that structure. My brain was actively curious with the environment that surrounded me which were mesmerizing and far more developed when comparing it to where I lived before moving to the area. I felt happy to be able to live in the moment and just take each day slowly and not let any of the fun that I had pass
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