Personal Narrative Essay About Coming To Miami

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Coming to Miami

I can still remember that gloomy sky on October 21st 2001. It seemed like a normal day to me, yet that day would change my life forever. I remember my mother rushing around the house trying to gather my brother’s clothes while I just sat on the floor observing so much commotion around me. For an 8 year old, I was a very hipper child. I ran around the house, climbed trees, sat on the roof top which was 3 floors high. I drove my mother insane ever since I was young. But not that day. My mother approached me with two of my favorite plush dolls and she said “you can only bring one with you. Pick one”. What did she mean?
“Where are we going? For how long? Can I stay with grandpa? Do I have to go?” I said.
“We are going to Miami and meeting up with your sister and dad” she said. Her hazel eyes filled with happiness and joy because we would be a family again. I had been apart from my sister for a year and my father for 6 months. I missed them very much but I didn’t want to leave. I had my brother with me and that’s all I needed since we were always together even though he is two years older than I am. “When are we coming back? Tomorrow? In a week?” I asked. My mother looked at me and said “This trip is for more than a week. It’s an opportunity for all of us
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It felt like someone was breathing hot air on me as swat began to drip from my face. I was mad, annoyed and complained to my mother all the way to our bags. Nothing could make me change the idea that I hated this place. People had accents, spoke different languages and it was hot. When my mother gave me the stare I knew I had to keep my mouth shut. We lead our self’s out the gates that separated us from the new faces; I looked up at mother and saw tears on her eyes. Why was she crying? She’s the one who wanted to be here. I trace her eyes to her focal point to only realize that there they were. We were here. We are all one again. My family of five was finally reunited at

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