Personal Narrative Essay About Independence

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Great Feats Towards Independence by April Martinell #7 It was summertime in a small southern California town that was so green it was reminiscent of the Emerald City. Hemet was known as the town perfumed by hay and cow patties. One year into the new millennium and excitement still vibrated in the air. I was a senior at the loneliest and most depressing alternative high school in town. The campus was so dismal and bland. The students were mostly deviance and gang members that had been expelled from their first high school. In contract I chose to go there because the teachers were unexpectedly warm and engaged. They seemed truly eager to see me succeed and I did. I blossomed at that unconventional school academically and emotionally. My days were a whirlwind jam-packed with homework and my full time job at The Home Depot. It was the only Home Depot the area and it stayed continuously full of activity. After 6 long month of pleading with people to give me a ride places I came to the realization that I desperately needed a car. A car of my own would make my life a lot less stressful. I was only eighteen but…show more content…
We had been dating for over 2 years and were already planning our blissful life together. We got a bank account together and from then on out when I made my weekly deposit I would give some money to him for save keeping. This worked great for months until my domineering stepfather and I got into one of our many battles. My mother found out about the money I had saved at my boyfriends’ house. It was then that she plotted to turn me against my boyfriend and it worked. Before I knew it we were outside my ex-boyfriends house making a scene and I was antagonistically fighting with him to give me all my money that instant. Luckily for me he was intelligent enough to see that I was being manipulated in an attempt to gain access to my saving and
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