Personal Narrative Essay About Moving And Driving

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Everyone remembers what it was like to turn 16 and go behind the wheel of a car for the first time. This process was rather stressful for me. Driving on the road for the first time was my “Everest.” It was my goal to drive by myself but I was very scared to do it. My biggest fear was losing control of the car and getting into an accident. It took a lot of courage to get me to feel confident behind the wheel. Although it was challenging, my courage and freedom is what drove me to drive. My fear started when I saw a bunch of stories on the news of young teenagers being killed or injured in accidents. It made me feel very nervous and afraid to get in a car because there is a possibility that I might not be alive later that night. We also see…show more content…
Wanting to be independent is what drove me to achieve my goal. When I am living on my own one day, my parents aren`t going to be there taking me where I want. From personal experience with my grandma, she never wanted to learn how to drive despite of her fear. She had her husband to drive her and her family, but when he died, she had no more source of transportation. She now has to sit at home and wait for someone to pick her up. This seems very challenging and stressful and I knew that I did not want to be put in this situation. Moreover, I see how much fun my friends are having with getting to go wherever they want and stay out later than they usually get to. My friends always offer to drive me so I feel like I should do the same thing back for them. Being able to drive gives you so much more independence. I compare this event to the Sherpa whom live in the mountains. They know that they have a chance of dying, but instead of being afraid, they keep their faith and persevere. Even though they can`t guarantee the safety of themselves or others, they still take safety precautions. The Sherpa have learned special techniques, which keep them safe while climbing the mountain. They believe in their selves and have confidence in what they do. I also compare this book with responsibility. I would also not get in car with someone like Fischer who smoke and drank a

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