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“OUR HORSES ARE OUR TEAMMATES, OUR SOUL MATES. IT’S A TEAM EFFORT. YOU CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT SO MANY PEOPLE BEHIND YOU.” -Lisa Lockhart. This saying is so true in the sport of rodeo, you can not do it without your family behind you or the horses that you love and care about with you. The National Little Britches Rodeo Association is like a second family. This year’s nationals were in Guthrie, OK at the Lazy E Arena. This was the first year here and I was a little nervous about being in such a humongous and well-mannered facility. I made it to nationals in Barrels, Poles, Goats, Breakaway, and Ribbon Roping. My favorite event is poles even though I do not do well at it. My second favorite event is Breakaway because in my family, we are all ropers and all my siblings do very well at it. My third favorite event is Ribbon Roping, …show more content…

My partner this year was Denton Good, his family and mine have been very good friends for a very long time,our dad’s rodeo together a long time ago. In the first round in ribbon roping we were a 13.3 seconds that put us number one in that performance, but third in the whole go round. I was so excited when we went to awards Friday night, it was my first ever national buckle I had ever won in my life.
Then in the second round we were a 12 flat that puts us third in the go again. I was so excited that I had gotten two buckles form nationals in the same year. That really put us well in the average. The top 5 in points and the top 10 in the average come back to the short go. Coming in we were setting third in the world, even though I did not know we were setting that good. We came out and were another 12 and was setting 1st, but there were still the top two teams to go. As I sat there and watch I was so nervous. The second top team went and they missed, that took some encumbrance off my shoulders for a

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