Personal Narrative Essay About Stitches

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It was an early saturday morning in 2010, my older brother, Gabe, and I were chasing each other up and down the hall. When we got tired we ran to our parent’s room I was too short at the time so Gabe had to pull me up onto the bed. We lay there for a while until we weren 't so tired and we started to jump on the bed laughing and smiling when Gabe came up with an “AMAZING” idea. “Hey Aana, watch this!” He exclaimed. He laid a pillow down by the end of the bed then went to the other side, stood up strait and landed face first on the pillow. I found it hilarious and laughed my head off! We did this five or six times until I had my last fall… Gabe was getting out of the way and it was my turn I had a huge smile on my face, but what I didn’t know was soon that smile would disappear. What I didn’t realize was I was a handful of inches ahead of where we usually fall and something awful happened. Air flew through my hair as I fell, the world seemed to be in slow motion I was waiting to land on the soft pillow when suddenly I heard Gabe yell: “Aana!Watch out you 're going to hit the…” Sharp pain blasted through my face by my eye I screamed Gabe rushed to my side he grabbed the
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So my dad and I drove to metro health hospital and we waited a couple minutes before the doctor came he lead us to a small room I layed down on a bed thing and the doctor pulled out a needle and some thread and he gave me some medicine to numb the wound then he slipped the needle and thread through my skin I didn’t feel anything but I still freaked out a lot. I got four stitches the doctors put bandage on it and my dad and I were free to go afterwards we went to a garage sale and and when we were driving home we stopped by family fair and got a couple more packs of band-aids that were the right size. My lesson that I learned that day is a cheesy saying but it’s true: no more monkeys jumping on the
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