Personal Narrative Essay About Water Polo

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Before my sophomore year, I didn't know what water polo was. I found out about it through an after school announcement, which said there'd be a meeting in the cafeteria for anyone interested in joining the team. The second I heard that announcement it peaked my interest so I searched up water polo on YouTube to see what it looked like. After watching one quarter of an Olympic water polo match, I fell in love with the sport. I loved that the game takes place in a beautiful pool and that its team oriented. The players would constantly pass the ball around until one of them took a shot at the goal. It reminded me a lot of soccer, which is a sport that I also like, but what really caught my attention about water polo was the pool. The view of the pool was when I first saw it and still is sublime. The pool is what really inspired me to go to the meeting and try out a sport that I had no prior experience or talent in. It was refreshing to see a sport that didn't require…show more content…
By the third week, we began ball handling. This intimidated me because at first I couldn't even hold the ball in my hand and thought it was impossible to only use one hand for catching and shooting it. Although after one week I'd caught on and before I knew it the teams first game was happening. The coach didn't play me for the first two quarters of the game and it was only experienced players, but when the third quarter began he called my name and said to go in. It's hard to explain, but I felt fear and happiness at the same time when this happened. I didn't let the fear get me though, I played and gave it my all. After the game ended, I was ecstatic. Now I'm on my third year of playing water polo and I have no regrets. Not only am I playing a sport I love, but I've made life long friends with all my teammates. They're some of the funniest people I've ever met. That's why I have no regrets in having tried water
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