Personal Narrative Essay About Wrestling

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Walking down through the tunnel of the Hershey Arena has been one of my most decorated moments in my high school career. Last March I had the amazing opportunity of reaching the State Tournament for wrestling. Not only was it the first time I have reached the state tournament, but also Scranton Prep’s first wrestler.
Walking through the tunnel and hearing the loud roar of the stadium as they announced my match, something that is so unbelievably unexplainable left me with a stomach full of butterflies, and a mind left empty. Unable to gather thoughts, I went out and wrestled the soon to be state runner up. The match ended rather quickly. Actually in two minutes. That night I sat in my hotel room, rather sour and thought about the whole day. I thought how lucky I was to be there, and how lucky I am to be so good at something, and then it hit me like a wrecking ball. I realized how much I LOVE wrestling.
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It has taught me how to win, and how to lose. Something that in today’s day is overlooked as a skill. I believe that losing is the best teacher in sports, and believe that how an athlete carries themselves after a loss, is the determinant of a winner and a loser. Not in the sport, but in life. Wrestling has also taught me how to lead. A leader is someone who leads by example on and off the mat. I have learned and now possess great qualities of being a leader. Proven evident by the fact that I have been the wrestling captain for the past four years, and this past year the varsity football captain.
I cannot thank all the coaches, teammates, and other wrestlers across the country for the great lesson they taught me. The lesson being very cliché, but very near and dear to my heart. “When you love something, you will never work a day in your life”. That quote cannot represent the deep feelings I have gained for such a sport that has taught me so much. Not only about myself but also about real
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