Personal Narrative Essay: An Introduction To Led Zeppelin

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During my freshman year of high school I was introduced to Led Zeppelin. I recall being mesmerized by the way the band was able to play so smooth and with seamless cohesion. The way Jimmy Page grips the neck of the guitar as if it was a snake trying to escape and his ability to transition from each string to create a symphony of sounds, the way the John Bonham’s drums resembles the roar of thunder, and the way Robert Plants presence on stage matches that of a thousand men is all so captivating to me. If I had a ticket in hand, I would use that ticket to travel back in time and watch Led Zeppelin perform at Madison square garden in New York City in 1973. When I get to the concert the first thing I will do is look around at the enormity of…show more content…
As I look from left to right, I see the number of seats extend far beyond the eye can see, I see lights fixated so that the entire venue is illuminated, and at the center of it all, I see the main stage. Where the members of the band will create glorious music that sings to the Heaven’s that will cause the ears of the audience members to ring for days to follow, where Jimmy Page will play notes that scream off of his guitar, where John Bonham’s drum playing will shake the building off of its foundation and where Robert Plant will be the front man of it all. As the band starts playing their songs I will scream the lyrics to every song and dance the night away as if everything that mattered in life disappears. The music that plays through the amplifiers will take over me and cause my body to sync with the music being played as if was under its spell. The everlasting rhythm changes and the different melodies being played, lead to the empowerment of my mind and soul and make me feel as if everything going on around me will be okay. I will be able to experience one of the greatest bands that have laid the foundation for bands to come. Having the ability to go see Led Zeppelin would be a life changing experience. They have helped me overcome countless adversities and get me through the darkest of times. Having a ticket in hand to go see this band would be a life changing experience and would greatly affect my

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