Personal Narrative Essay: Applying For My First Job

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Applying for my First Job
As Sean Maher once said, “Starting a new job is always scary, it’s like the first day of school.” In other words, starting something new is always terrifying. We get so used to being in our comfort zone that when something changes, we start to question all of it. One of the first steps to becoming an adult that gets you out of your comfort zone is getting your first job. You don’t know where to start or what you will enjoy but you just know it needs to be done. My challenge was applying for my first job and realizing it was time to start becoming an adult.
It was just another typical Wednesday afternoon, I was procrastinating on doing homework like usual. This time my thoughts lead to needing a job. I realized I need
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I was very nervous about this because the teacher had repeatedly said it was big part of our grade. I walked into the class with my professional outfit and resume. I glanced towards the other end of the classroom and saw my two friends Mariah and Savannah. I scurried over and questioned, “Are you guys ready? I’m so nervous!” They quickly responded, “Yes! We thought we were the only ones.” We all started to feel at ease because we realized we weren’t the only ones nervous. The teacher handed us a list of question we would be asked for instance; tell me about yourself, what is one positive aspect about you, what is one negative aspect about you, ect. Within Mariah, Savannah, and I, we practiced each others answers until we were all ready, or at least as ready as we were ever going to be. Finally the time came. I had two interview, both very friendly women. The first one worked at Planned Parenthood. I was a little nervous but she was very sweet so she made it go by very easy. Next was a nurse from John F. Kennedy hospital. I wasn’t as nervous after getting the first one over with. The second one went a lot smoother, but both got me very prepared for my real job interview the next day at Mimi’s
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