Narrative Essay On School Life

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Attention I had been battling everyday ever since grade 4, the steps in school was never easy, soon school is my boulder. I’m a loner, and I like it that way. I walk down the halls, hobble myself down the sidewalk and into the glass doors of my high school, watching my undoubtedly ugly tennis shoes clomp themselves over shinny tiles. I try to stay on one line as I make my way to my locker, all around are TV teen drama looks and expensive Chanel perfume sashayed right past me, my eye level only meeting with her designer bag. The boys in the corridor eyes lingered and I realised I was the only girl doing so. Hiding my blush, I turned back to my locker and quietly shut it and on to homeroom. When I get to my seat and classes start, the evaluation in my head begins.…show more content…
I had missed three days of school ever since I’m first day of sophomore because I told my mum I was too sick to go. While this was true, I couldn’t even choke down any food these days, I knew it was because of my fears and not my illness. It was the first day of sophomore, I’m glad that freshman year was over and a new year had come, but I finally got myself a boyfriend, that’s totally not in the cards. As I pace around the hallway panicky searching for Luke, Alexis parade into the hallway, red lipsticks on, high heeled stilettos clack echoed against the marble floors and granite walls, along with her crowd of ‘friends’. Her steps were closer, clack click clack click she was towards my direction, I scrambled through my books in the locker and lumbered away, the echoing sound of her steps sped. “Hey” a voice yapped from behind, it’s not gonna be good I thought, I hesitatingly turned and facing her, her eyes fiercely glared into mine and across. “Luke is mine!” loud enough that my ear drums hurt so bad, I don’t know, I don’t know, frantic beating from my heart, head pounding like erratic drums, thoughts racing over my mind, I need to stop, and this is
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