Personal Narrative Essay: Babysitting In America

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“Maria called to talk to you today my mom said when I just walked into the house. “Maria who” I asked my mom, “Do you not remember her, my aunt that lives in Massachusetts.” Explained my mom “Oh yeah! What did she say” I ask, “She said that you got the babysitting job!” said my mom. “Yay “ I scream jumping up and downing. “For how long did she say I will get to stay there and when do I leave” I asked “She said she will need help for the whole summer so you will leave right away when school ends” answered mom That summer changed me into a better person. Before I got the exciting news about me babysitting I was always shy and did not talk much. But since I did not know anyone except my great aunt Maria, I was so scared and I honestly did not know what or who to expect. All I knew was that the couple had three kids; a one year old, a two year old, and a twelve year old. Since I did not know how they looked and I had only talked to Bob on the phone once, so I decided to look him up on…show more content…
I used to get angry quickly and not even realize it. While babysitting I was the oldest one around the kids, so I was forced to be more mature. For example, when I would have to feed Janae, she would always throw a fit about what she was eating. So, I had to let her throw her little fit and then still convince her to eat it. A few hours later, it was bed time and I ran into another tantrum with her again. This time she would not agree with taking a bath. Teary eyed and red faced, Janae would not get in the bathtub; not even after I put some rubber ducks to keep her company. So trying my best to not lose my control/temper, I put her in a towel and talk calmly with her. Then after explaining to her that pretty little girls always take showers and never want to be stinky. I was able to put her in the bath tub calmly. After I got her into her pajamas and into bed I could finally
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