Personal Narrative Essay: Basketball Game Down At Simpson College

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It all started in May of last year. I played in a basketball game down at Simpson College with my travel team called the Northeast Iowa Thunder. Playing in the championship game against a team out of South Dakota, we knew we had to play our best. Before the first half of the game came to an end, coach told me to give it my all since we were down by a few points. The floor resulted to be slippery due to the hot and humid gym. Going into the game with the mindset of wanting to go 110%, I knew that I wanted to score in any way I can for the team. Since I was the point guard, I started with the ball at the beginning of the play. I began to isolate to the basket to hopefully draw the defense in or make an easy lay-up for two points. The lay-up was the best choice at the time, so that’s what I went for. Then it happened. “Pop, pop”. I fell to the ground with my leg folded in under me, with pain shooting in my knee. From the moment I slipped on the wet floor, I kept my eyes closed hoping that it was only a dream. When I finally opened my eyes, the other team was surrounding me while my teammates' were on the other end of the court in complete shock of what they saw. As…show more content…
I was actually home sick when I found out which worked out pretty well. My mom called me from work and asked if I wanted to know the good news or the bad news first. I asked to listen to the good news first because I had an idea it was about my knee. “The good news is, you will have time to prepare yourself for surgery because the bad news is that you have a torn ACL”. Hearing that sentence puts me in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that all this time, I had a blown knee. After I hung up my mom, I went into a stage of hating myself for screwing up everything. It was an unplanned surprise that I didn’t want to face. I finally told my friends about it and they were as shocked as I was because I was able to do the same things that they were
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