Personal Narrative Essay: Becoming A Father In My Life

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Becoming a father in my life was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Living for someone else and not just yourself is a special feeling. Knowing that it is your sole duties in life are now to love, provide, teach, mentor, discipline and love some more. I always hear people say “ Im don 't think I 'm ready to be a parent.” and to be honest I do not think anyone is ready to be a parent. I can still remember like it was yesterday the day my son was born. The feelings leading up to the day he was born were the most nerve racking days of my life.

On August 27th 2015 me and my wife sat at home expecting the our son any moment. My mother was also with us and was there to help us after the baby was born. As the day went by the house filed with boredom and the feeling of nervousness, and outside being gray and rainy I knew that it wasn 't a beach day. We decided to go walk around Target with hopes that the movement would help our little man come into the world but were not lucky enough for that to happen. In mu mind the day felt different as if the air was heavier and time was moving
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With the movie being done and home in bed the sharp pain shot through my wife lower back. I have never seen her in this much pain before and it was a very scary moment. Right away i knew that this was it, the beginning of a long night and the beginning of a new chapter in life. Some time passed that felt like hours but was only minutes and the pain increasing we decided to go to the hospital. The whole drive there the pain shot through my wives back as if she was being stabbed and my heart ached for her. We were admitted immediately and brought to her delivery room, the room was very dark and cold, the air conditioning was so high that my wife could almost ignore her pain because it was so cold in the room. Time drug on, the epidural was given so the pain was kept at bay for a short time, and we all were able to get a little
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