Personal Narrative Essay: Being A Military Brat

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From the moment I was born I was considered a military brat, I was born in Hawaii at tripler hospital because my mom was in the army and stationed there, my biological father was in the marines. When my mom remarried when I was 7, she married a man who was in the Navy. Everyone thinks being a Military brat just means you know more than other people because you 've been more places and seen more things and you get a lot of stuff you want. This is not true at all. Coming from a military background means you never have stability, you are held to a higher standard than all the other kids, and sometimes it makes you want to be in the military and only focus on that.
Being a military brat means there is never stability in you home because you could move across the country any time, or your parent could come home one day and say they are deploying soon. As a military kid you really don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, yes I have been lucky, I was born in Hawaii, and have lived in a number of states including: Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Wisconsin. I was lucky because when I was alive none of my parents were deployed but even then sometimes it felt like they were because they would work super late and then early and I would get to see them maybe once every couple of days. It’s not just that though, as a military kid you never have the same friends for more than a couple years, yes you stay in touch with them after you move but a lot of the times when you say goodbye
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