Personal Narrative Essay: Being Alone

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You know they say being alone is peaceful for some people, they say you learn a lot about yourself when your alone, you...find yourself but for me...for me that 's not true. I 've been alone since the age of 3, my mother and father died in a car accident and I was the only survivor, sad I know, ever since that say I 've had trouble sleeping, I have nightmares of people dying around me, it scares the living shit out of me. I moved in with my Aunt she took really good care of me but.... At the age of 6, my aunt died of cancer, and there 's something wrong because of my loved ones that died I think it 's my fault, I blame myself before my aunt died she said she loved me and that none of this is my fault it never was but really it is my fault. Why do people around me keep dying? Why? I always ask myself Once my aunt died I was put into an orphanage, oh yes it gets better, the orphanage they put me in was one of the worst, they beat the kids over and over and over again I got beat the most being a new comer, I never spoke when I was there, I never spoke to the adults just the other kids but I made sure I protected them, with my my life especially the youngest ones. I was closer to the kids young and old, we were going through the same thing, no home, no other family, we were the only family until some got adopted but even when they were out of the system we were still family but I was broken I tried to keep it together but the more the adults keeps on picking on me, the more I
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