Personal Narrative Essay: Born Of A Broken Man

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Born of a Broken Man

Empty; although the brand new state of the art home was filled with and made of money, there was never any true wealth there. Inside the home you can hear the stomping of a manic human being as he messily tosses his belongings into a corner of the bedroom. He speaks through his teeth in a very passive aggressive tone which quickly erupts into an angry roar. With veins bulging through his neck, his red skinned face wrinkled up as he shouted, “I am finally leaving you! After all these years I’ve had it!”
As me and my brothers hear the yelling fill up the house, we watch our mom plead for the man not to leave. Even though his eyes are filled with rage, his body was giving off a broken aura, and it seemed as though something inside of him finally gave up. He was wearing boxers and a wife beater as he stormed out of the front door, he then headed for the sidewalk. We followed my mother outside as her hopeless shouting and desperation quickly turned to anger. I
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We stayed in hotels for a while, money running low, constantly hearing threats from our deranged manic-depressive father, we had to remain hidden at times, I was wondering if any other father wanted to, or ever threatened to kill the mother of his children. There wasn’t much to do but think about why, “Why my family? When have we ever done any wrong?” I thought, but that was no way to think, we had to quit being depressed, move on, push through it, and be resilient.
I learned many things from this experience, one of them is the true meaning of wealth is never about money, it is always about the strength of the bonds you have with the people around you; your family and friends. I also learned the true power of being resilient, pushing through whatever situation, no matter how hard or how sad you are, always stay by your family’s

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