Personal Narrative Essay

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Waking up, she stretched out her legs to find a major charley horse forming throughout her entire calf. The long car ride completely wiped her out. What a great way to start her morning in this new town. There was also no coffee in this frigid, janky apartment she thought. As she argued with herself in her head, she tried to force those negative thoughts to the back of her mind. She stared aimlessly up at the popcorn ceiling, noticing there were a few cobwebs drifting here and there. Gross. But today she needed to find a job, to start a new life running from her old. Slowly thinking about what she had done, how was she supposed to live all by herself? Leaving everything behind was not a choice. She had to leave. Today marks a new journey in…show more content…
It will help on those busy nights we have karaoke. What is your name dear? I am Teresa but everyone here calls me Momma.” “I am Emma, I have had experience before and I promise I will do the best I can.” Emma stated wearily. “Alright Emma you are hired, one of my other workers will get you settled in and show you how we run this place.” Momma thought to herself, she is running from something. She had an instinct to protect her more so than others. Walking into work Thursday afternoon, he saw there were already many cars there. It looked like mostly regulars, except what looked like a beat-up red Toyota. He had worked at Momma Bear’s, home of the best pizza and bar in a one hundred mile radius, since he was in high school. It had been his safe haven away from his home. As soon as a patron walks through the doors, a scrumptious aroma fills your nostrils. Pizza breadsticks, and other delicious desserts Momma cooks up. She is not exactly everyone's “momma” though. All the workers call her momma because she treats us as her own children. Thankful she has been there as his “momma” since his father left him as soon as he was born and left himself with an alcoholic father. As soon as he walked through the back entrance he is immediately bombarded with screaming and yelling from
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