Personal Narrative Essay: Cancer Kills

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Cancer Kills

Have you ever been told that someone you love has cancer?

I was at my mom house seating on a chair outside with my boyfriend Kyle. He knew I wasn 't having a good day so he came over.

My mom asked " Kyle, can come over here please I need to tell you something?"

Kyle answered "Yes I 'll be right there."

She told him " Her brother is dying because of cancer and he doesn’t have long to live maybe just a month."

He grabbed my mom a gave her a hug and when she told him that I happened to over hear.

In the moment, I was feeling so hurt like my heart just shattered into a million pieces. I felt my body shutting down to the point where I couldn’t move. I was trying to be so strong and trying not to cry but that
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Mom thought I was cold, so she got blankets and tried calming me down and tired putting the blankets around me. But I couldn 't move, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. The shaking got so bad I couldn’t move out of the chair, my muscle got so tight. I 've tired to take a nap that night but all I was doing was tossing and turning.

Couple days later, I finally realized I was losing my best friend. I thought to myself of all the good times together, all the laughs we had, the pranks we pulled. I remembered all the times where he struck up for me. Then I realized this is his last year.

I asked God " why god do you have to take him, he 's so young?"

I thought to myself " He wont get to see my wedding, the first house I buy, or when I have kids he would see he 's niece or nephew."

I questioned Myself " what am I going to do without him here to help me with my problems?"

Habit 6 connects to my family having to work together to get through this tough time in our family. Made us realizes how short life really is and how some people take it for granted. I always say live life with no regrets! Never forget about the good tomes you have with your love ones.

By: Savannah
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