Personal Narrative Essay: Chaska's Life

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Resonance from the guns roared as its dense smoke engulfed the blood-stained Reservation. The pungent odor from the corpses accumulated in the mass grave overwhelmed Chaska’s puny unfledged proboscis. Chaska’s mother and father were a part of that pile. His mother tried to save his father from dying, but the result was both of them getting shot and killed. Chaska was a timid and timorous eight-year-old boy with short black hair and a tanned colored body. He wore tattered black clothes with stains and rips covering it. Chaska lost his family, except his dog Ohitekah. Ohitekah was a bold and brave German Shepherd with black marks covering most of his brown body. Chaska sat on the eroded ground, staring into the enormous hole as he embraced his pet’s…show more content…
The agitated dog snapped his jaw at the lady, ensnaring her right pinky. The lady looked at him and fear and started to take large steps backward. Ohitekah growled and barked at the lady nonstop, eventually scaring her away. Ohitekah struggled to jump on the rock that she was sitting on and grabbed the small piece of bread that the lady had dropped. He took the piece of bread and walked over to Chaska to drop it in his hands. "Ohitekah. You did this for me?" Chaska marveled. Ohitekah nodded slightly. Chaska hugged his best friend and then broke a piece of the bread and gave it to him. The bread certainly didn 't satisfy either one of them, so Ohitekah repeated his process a few more times to obtain more food. It worked for a while until Ohitekah attacked one of the U.S. soldiers that were on their lunch break. "Get off me cretin!" The soldier yelled before pulling out and shooting his gun at the mangled dog’s abdomen. "NO!" Chaska squeaked. The soldiers glanced over to screaming boy and then walked away from him. Chaska dashed over to Ohitekah and clutched him in his scrawny arms. "It 's okay boy, it 's okay. I 'm here for you." He choked as he caressed

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